Tuesday, February 2, 2010

i don't like my dad

The Centrifugal Eye features


From a child's lost homework

found in the bushes in my front yard:

i'm malaysia, malaysia malone, an

i don' like when my dad don' call

to see if we're doin' good in school.

my dad he gived me my name,

he said i'm smooth like china sea

but he hurt my feelin's a lot.

my dad is a dead b dad.

on fridays he don' call.

fridays is the day my dad's

sposed to come, but

he don' no more.

my sister, we sit outside.

we wait. we tie kicks. we sing songs.

i'm almost six. my dad don' come

no more.

my dad make me feel like i don'

wanna to talk to my dad no more.

my mom she yell. she say

my daddy a fool. i don' know

bout that stuff. bout how he

do his time and mess with

rocks an other wimens.

i don' like when my dad

don' want me and my sister.

she's burmese.

she's littler an me.

my dad say she burmese

if y'all please.

he squeeze her knees.

i don' like when my dad

don' want us in his house.

i don' like when my

dad don' have a house.

i don' like when

i don' like my dad