Sunday, May 2, 2010

Searching for God's Fingerprints

For California photographer Todd Fitchette, being there is what matters. Whether a spot news photo assignment or capturing nature’s beauty at the right moment or with the right elements, it’s the quest that fascinates and, when an image comes together, he says it fulfills him spiritually.

Todd told me the other day he's stepping out, even in these challenging economic times, to launch his freelance photo business and follow his dreams and his heart. He agreed to share some samples of his work with us as he prepares to offer his skills and accept new assignments.

First, A brief autobiography
Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a camera in my hands. When I was given a 35mm rangefinder camera (similar to today’s point-and-shoot models), I was hooked. I’m fascinated by nature, and as such, photography seems to fit me quite well. I have oftentimes described my love of photography and nature as a quest to capture God’s fingerprints.

For more than 13 years I worked as a professional journalist and photographer. Writing was fun, but photography was what I breathed. I was always trying to find a new way, a new angle, a new vantage point from which to photograph everything from sports to agriculture to news events. Shooting news always provided something interesting to capture when I wasn’t out shooting scenics and nature.

There are photographers out there that I study, whose work I consider great, such as the late Galen Rowell, Gary Crabbe and Mike Jones. And, I’ve found Flickr to be a great place to be inspired by great photographers, as well. Right now I'm preparing to find my own place as a photographer, my own perspective of God's landscape.

Introduction to my photography —

My photographs here span about 15 years of work. As a photojournalist I like having people in my photographs. Even in landscapes they can work if you do it right.
In others, people give a natural sense of order, such as the fisherman fly fishing in the alpine stream. In the case of the people walking the road among the aspens, there’s a certain mood in this image that wouldn’t be there without them. In each of these instances the people were all doing what they do naturally. I simply happened along their path.

To view Todd's online portfolio or to contact him about his photo services, visit his website at His Flickr Photostream can be found at