Saturday, December 10, 2011

ADRIFT IN THE SOUND Named Fiction Finalist

The results are in—my forthcoming novel—ADRIFT IN THE SOUND is a finalist for The 2011 Mercer Street Books Fiction Prize!  Out of more than 500 manuscripts, Adrift was in the top five.

This year’s top winner is Dorette Snover for THE CITY OF LADIES. Find a listing of the winners and an excerpt from Dorette’s novel at:

Many thanks to publisher Rick Rofhie and the anderbo staff for the recognition and for a great contest experience! (We’re excited at our house.) Keep an eye out for Adrift and the work of all the contest finalists. They're up-and-coming storytellers with astonishing talent.
And, look for an excerpt from Adrift in the Sound on The Word Garden site in coming weeks. Winter is a great time to sit before a glowing screen, sip cocoa and read, unless you’re one of the many Word Garden visitors who live in areas were the seasons are reversed. In that case, grab an iced tea, get out of the heat and enjoy a quiet read.

Adrift is set in Seattle and the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State in 1973.  It's a wild story with social-political underpinnings that has a happy ending (sort of).
The story follows the adventures of homeless street artist Lizette Karlson as she navigates the city’s underbelly and crisscrosses Puget Sound looking for purpose and a place to call home.
Publication of Adrift is anticipated in the spring of 2012. In the meantime, check out the anderbo literary prize winners. You'll be knocked out by their writing.

Anderbo Novel Contest

The Mercer Street Books Fiction Prize

There were almost 500 entries in Anderbo's 2011 No-Fee Novel Contest, The Mercer Street Books Fiction Prize. The Winner is:
A Novel of pain perdu, Lost Bread"
by Dorette Snover of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Contest Finalists (Whole Novel-Manuscript) were:
"ADRIFT IN THE SOUND" by Kate Campbell, Sacramento, California
"HALLELUJAH" by Liz Shine, Olympia, Washington
"PROSPECTS OF JOY" by Charles Holdefer, Brussels, Belgium
"THE HOLLOWING MOON" by Aida Zilelian, New York City
San Francisco, California 

And, here's what fiction prize winner Dorette Snover had to say: "Kate, Congrats to you too! Thank you for the mention here! Hope you'll have every success - "Adrift" sounds beautiful! Come for a visit to May this be the Most Delightful and Festive Season for you and yours."

Anderbo Publisher & Editor-in-Chief Rick Rofihe offered this observation:

"I looked at every one of the almost-500 9000-word contest entries and then at the entire novel-manuscripts of the 6 finalists; I do hope for a bright future for Kate Campbell's "ADRIFT IN THE SOUND," which is both evocative and poignant, besides communicating important observations about humanness."