Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Run Around: Sac Town Shuffle

With friends out traveling the world, my stay-at-home self often feels envious and a bit left out. With the expense of two sons in college and a delightfully demanding job as a writer, photographer and editor, it's hard to throw darts at a map and start packing.

But, what I found yesterday in my own backyard lifted my spirits. There's lots to see at home, all that's needed is a welcoming eye and a bit of gauzy smoke from forest fires burning in the Sierra. My son and I set out for Old Town Sacramento for fish and chips (Railroad Fish & Chips on Front Street - the best!) and a walk-about. Here's what we saw:

Sacramento River Water Pavilion

Son Mike, Sacramento River Bridges in the background

Old water intake pump

Train bridge

Near Train Museum



Smokey twilight

Good Night Light