Friday, April 24, 2015

Ripening Persimmons

Yi Gao -- illustrator, storyteller

Gently squeeze to see
if fruit yields using a firmly
placed thumb. Astringent
types are yielding when ripe.
Non-astringent varieties
go either way, but note
size and color of each exotic
piece. Place in brown paper
bag with an off-gassing banana,
crumple or nestle together
in a deeply rounded bowl
for a couple of days and long
nights, nesting, entwined. Eat
strawberries while you wait,
sip champagne, embrace, slip
 into our luscious sweetness

n  Kate Campbell

Note: Scientists in California and Japan have discovered how to sex persimmon trees. Male trees code for a very small piece of RNA that acts as “molecular scissors,” cutting down gene expression to create a female tree. But, the experts say RNA scissors can be “fickle,” and this may help explain why “dioecious” plants that are genetically one sex can also function as another.